Full disclosure: we have no idea where this slide was presented or for what reason, but apparently the PowerPoint genius behind it “nailed it,” so it would be wrong not to share it. You might have thought you knew the characteristics of white supremacy, but we’ll bet you missed one or two.

Perfectionism, a sense of urgency, objectivity … all characteristics of white supremacy. As far as fear of open conflict and “only one right way” go, we’ll refer to the poster’s other tweet today …

Well at least post a slide of the characteristics of patriarchal thinking so we know if we’re being sexist.

If this was taken at an American university, hell, it could be an algebra class.

Someone was kind enough to link to the study from which all of these are pulled, with explanations that still don’t exhibit any correlation to white supremacy. Apparently, these are just the “white” way of doing things, and if you want your organization/company/healing circle to be truly multicultural, you need to open up to non-white ways of thinking and doing. If you want to go deeper down the rabbit hole, click here.