Government agencies sure like to make videos, especially confessionals about how they haven’t made diversity, equity, and inclusion a top priority until now. The CIA released a recruitment video featuring a woman who wouldn’t be kept in a box and yet checked off box after box: she’s a cisgender millennial tired of fighting misguided patriarchal ideas, and that’s why she fits right in at the nation’s spy agency. The Army upped the ante by releasing a series of animated recruitment videos, showing how one soldier’s lesbian mothers’ wedding made her a fighter for progress.

Now NASA, which has apparently been fighting its lack of diversity for a while now, is launching what it calls Mission Equity:

Judging from the video, it looks like NASA’s pretty diverse already, but we’re talking about equity and equal access to space technology.

Has NASA been actively discriminating against applicants?

Our federal diversity, equity, and inclusion officials are working overtime.