We didn’t know that Saturday was going to turn into critical race theory day on Twitchy, but here we are. Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis joined Idaho Friday when he signed into law a bill that would prohibit the teaching of critical race theory in schools. Jared Yates Sexton went on a 25-tweet rant about how it was “a literal replaying of Nazi totalitarianism.” Slate argued that conservatives trying to ban critical race theory don’t even know what it is. We’d argue that liberals in favor of critical race theory don’t know what it is either; they assume it means schools won’t erase slavery from their history curriculums.

Now we have MSNBC anchor Joy Reid telling us that most American children in grades kindergarten through 12 are being taught “a kind of Confederate Race Theory” where slavery wasn’t so bad.

Who doesn’t know the founders owned slaves? No one’s insisting that be omitted. No one.

She really wouldn’t love a response; she never books guests who’d challenge her in any way.

But she said “most.”