The mainstream media outlets might be afraid of it because conservatives use it, but we love Substack; it gives writers an opportunity to promote their work without having to be part of the corporate media machine. It also eschews the editorial constraints of the corporate media and lets people say what they really feel.

Political analyst and associate professor Jared Yates Sexton is on Substack, and his latest looks at the GOP’s assault on education and history, which is fascist, based on Nazi ideology, and obsessed with maintaining white supremacy. His thread goes on a bit, but it gives a very good idea of how progressives are reacting to things like the public pushback against critical race theory, so buckle up:


Notice how they always call Democrat leaders “Southern” instead of Democrat?

Narrator: This is about CRT.

Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

Notice how Gov. Ron DeSantis has become the stand-in for Donald Trump now that he’s out of office?

And when did the Right capture the education system? Sexton mentions McCarthyism but doesn’t note that it’s now teachers and school board members keeping lists of troublesome parents and looking for hackers to infiltrate their anti-CRT websites. It’s groups like Antifa that are policing speech and meeting free expression with violence. And the co-founder of Black Lives Matter describes herself as a trained Marxist, so if you’re sad because the American people at large oppose Marxism, that’s too bad.

What? He just proved how DeSantis is freely borrowing from Nazi ideology to impose conservative fascism on the American public.