A new inspector general’s report that says U.S. Park Police did not violently clear protestors from Lafayette Park so President Trump could do his Bible photo-op in front of St. John’s Church last summer. NBC News’s Ken Dilanian admitted, “the narrative we thought we knew was not the reality,” but some, like Joe Scarborough and Jim Acosta, have decided to smear the Interior Department Inspector General and stick to the original narrative. “This was almost a whitewash,” said Acosta, accusing the IG of “auditioning to become inspector general at Mar-a-Lago.”

As Twitchy reported, Park Police sources told WTOP’s Neal Augenstein that Park Police did not use tear gas and did not know about Trump’s march to the church. They said the crowd was disbursed with smoke canisters because they were pelting police with water bottles.

Drew Holden has gone back and pulled up articles and tweets from last summer reporting that peaceful protesters were violently cleared out of Layfayette Square so Trump could get his picture.

“From Tiananmen Square to Lafayette Square.”

Notice how the true account always includes the disclaimer, “inspector general finds,” while there’s no such thing on the original report.

Violent but mostly peaceful.

See Acosta, above.