We’ve asked before: We’re never going to be able to take off our masks, are we? Back in March, CNN ran a “news” story saying you should wear a mask even if your state doesn’t mandate it, and then gave a list of reasons why. One reason? “Masks are a sign of respect.” We’re not sure what that has to do with science, but there you go.

Now that people are getting vaccinated and the CDC is giving the OK, masks are coming off. This displeases some, because they can’t tell whether you’ve been vaccinated or not just by looking at you. It’s like when MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow reacted to the CDC guidance in May, telling viewers she’d have to “rewire” her brain not to see maskless people as “a threat.”

Some are apparently incapable of not seeing the unmasked as a threat, and we imagine they never will be. Science/health journalist Tara Haelle made Siraj Hashmi’s list for her tweet warning that she will judge you if she sees you indoors without a mask.

Mask up. Forever. Do you really want to risk being judged?