We haven’t been able to take the science journal Nature seriously for quite a while now. It has argued that assigning gender by the genitals one is born with “has no foundation in science.” Research on the differences between the sexes is “rife with bias.” It has called the association of COVID-19 with Wuhan, China “erroneous.”

While we’re not impressed with Nature’s commitment to science, the very woke Titania McGrath is impressed with Nature’s commitment to foster diversity and inclusion, which is leading it to exclude all candidates for its news internship who aren’t black.

There are a lot of minorities. It makes us wonder if Nature decided it needed a black intern due to the racial makeup of Nature’s staff. Just what does the staff of Nature look like? Isn’t it diverse already?

We can see encouraging minorities to apply, but coming right out and announcing you’re going to hire a black person and only a black person? Are Latinos overrepresented in the science community?