One solid comeback to progressives who say, for example, that science says a fetus isn’t a baby, is to ask how many genders there are, scientifically speaking.

Nature, the science journal, came out Monday in opposition to the Department of Health and Human Services proposal to establish a legal definition of whether someone is male or female based on the genitals they are born with, saying it has “no foundation in science.”

Nature writes:

The proposal — on which HHS officials have refused to comment — is a terrible idea that should be killed off. It has no foundation in science and would undo decades of progress on understanding sex — a classification based on internal and external bodily characteristics — and gender, a social construct related to biological differences but also rooted in culture, societal norms and individual behaviour. Worse, it would undermine efforts to reduce discrimination against transgender people and those who do not fall into the binary categories of male or female.

So gender is a social construct … that doesn’t sound like science.

But what about intersex people, smart guy?