But did George Floyd’s daughter want to play with the hairs on President Biden’s legs?

We could go two ways with this. First, it was Geroge Floyd Day, with U.S. embassies flying giant Black Lives Matter banners around the world and President Joe Biden paying a visit to Floyd’s family (after the gunfire died down, presumably).

Or we could ask again, what is the deal with Biden always saying he’s going to get into trouble? He’s the president, but he tells reporters he’ll get in trouble if he sticks around to answer questions. Now his wife’s going to kill him.

On Tuesday, Biden said his wife would kill him if she knew what snacks he gave to Floyd’s daughter. He also mentioned that she wanted to sit in his lap, although he made a video at the launch of his campaign acknowledging he’d learned about personal space.

Here’s video:

One parting shot that we’ll just leave here: