We’ve written a bit about schools and school districts in San Francisco, New York City, and Loudon County, Virginia, and the fights between parents and school boards that want to push a woke agenda. In San Francisco, they eliminated the selective admissions process at Lowell High School and replaced it with a lottery-based system; a school board member argued that admissions based on merit were “the antithesis of just.” This same school board member had tweeted that Asian American students used “white supremacist thinking” to assimilate and get ahead.

And as part of its “equity-focused plan,” the Virginia Department of Education decided to do away with all advanced math classes below 11th grade due to unequal representation of minority races.

There’s a great piece in the Washington Free Beacon Tuesday about New York City’s Department of Education chipping away at accelerated academic programs in the name of equity. While parents are outraged, a group of student activists calling themselves “Teens Take Charge” — “a student-led movement for educational equity in New York City” — are taking on the adults and crying foul when the adults push back — they’re just kids, after all.

Aaron Sibarium writes:

The rally was proceeding without a hitch—until a group of student activists shoved their way into the middle of it, blocking speakers and unfurling a large banner that read “Unscreen Our Schools.” The 16- to 17-year-old activists belonged to a group called Teens Take Charge, which argues selective public schools are a form of modern-day “segregation.” Amid the ensuing tumult, one parent pushed the banner aside, while others threatened to call the police.

At the adults’ direction, members of Teens Take Charge launch smear campaigns against supporters of merit-based admissions, branding them as “racists” and “segregationists.” If the targeted parents push back, they are accused of attacking kids—making it difficult to avoid reputational ruin.

“It’s like what Hamas does with human shields,” one parent born in China said. “Immigrants recognize in Teens Take Charge the Soviet Youth and the Chinese Red Guard.”

Is it any wonder the Chinese American Citizens Alliance of Greater New York issued a blistering letter blasting critical race theory and antiracism programs in schools?