As Twitchy reported, the U.S. Army is out with a handful of Disney-style animated recruitment ads, one tracing a soldier’s life back to her childhood being raised by two moms and showing her participating in LGBTQ marches, which taught her all about fighting for freedom. This week, someone edited together that ad with a Russian army recruitment ad, which had absolutely nothing to say about diversity or lesbian weddings.

As we mentioned earlier Saturday, Sen. Ted Cruz retweeted the video, saying, “Holy crap. Perhaps a woke, emasculated military is not the best idea….” Cruz went on to eviscerate MSNBC’s Brian Williams, who coined the nickname “Kremlin Cruz” and criticized Cruz for sharing Russian propaganda.

Williams wasn’t the only one. A CNN panel on Jake Tapper’s show, “The Lead,” also concluded that Cruz was “pushing Russian propaganda.”

Good point.

The U.S. recruitment ads are just as guilty of pushing propaganda — leftist propaganda.