As Twitchy reported recently, the U.S. Army decided it could one-up the CIA for wokeness in its recruitment ads. The Army’s ad is animated, Disney-style, and traces the life story of one of its soliders, deciding that participating in Pride marches with her two moms as a kid taught her all about fighting for freedom at a young age (FWEEDOM!). They even slipped in the lesbian wedding for reasons that aren’t fully clear.

A lot of people thought Russia and China must be looking at the U.S. and laughing. But Russian army recruitment ads are no laughing matter, aren’t animated, and don’t seem to care a lot about LGBTQ marches.

That was your first warning.

We can’t guarantee the Russian ad is real, but the U.S. one certainly is, and joins four other animated life stories on the official website.

Imagine the levels and levels of bureaucracy that U.S. ad had to go through to end up on the Army’s website. The chief diversity officers hold a lot of power.