We had to check back to see if we had covered this already; it was just a couple of days ago that an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts wrote a piece for Teen Vogue about how universities are “right-wing institutions.”

As Twitchy also reported this week, 1619 Project architect Nikole Hannah-Jones is to join the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill journalism school faculty as Knight Chair in Race and Investigative Journalism — however, in a move that shocked impartial PBS News reporter Yamiche Alcindor, the school decided that Hannah-Jones’ position wouldn’t be tenured from Day 1 … she’ll have the option of being reviewed for tenure within five years.

This has CNN columnist Nicole Hemmer writing about how conservatives wield influence both outside of and within universities.

Hemmer’s evidence? Hey, look at The Dartmouth Review, which is a conservative-leaning student newspaper. Also, a Republican state legislator texted Collin College’s president, “upset at history professor Lora Burnett’s snarky tweets about Mike Pence. Shortly thereafter, Burnett’s contract was not renewed.” She concludes:

Caricatures of higher education as bastions of liberal politics have been around since at least the mid-20th century. The focus first landed on leftists, as the Red Scare triggered fears that communists had infiltrated universities and were indoctrinating students. That led to the persecution of left-leaning professors, an effort led not just by conservatives but by liberals as well. But the conservatives who helped purge the professoriate had their eyes not just on leftists but liberals too, believing there was a slippery slope that began with New Deal politics and Keynesian economics, then slid inevitably into socialism, then communism.

As the cases of Nikole Hannah-Jones and Lora Burnett show, universities are hardly free from conservative influence. Because the right has spent the last 70 years arguing that higher education is irredeemably liberal, that means such influence often strikes at the very basis of those universities, including the cornerstone of intellectual production and higher education, academic freedom.

We’re convinced — conservatives control academia.

They tell Hannah-Jones to teach for five years before being considered for tenure and that means conservatives control the universities.