We don’t know about you, but when we’re looking for thoughtful, intelligent political analysis, we head straight for the pages of Teen Vogue:

University of Massachusetts Assistant Professor Asheesh Kapur Siddique uses a lot of words in his explanation. Here are some of them:

The corporate capitalist regime that controls American university boards today has manufactured the current crisis of higher education by inflating tuition to compensate for state funding cuts while passing on the debt to students; hiring contingent rather than tenure-line staff to pay teachers less while withholding the security of academic freedom; and appointing administrators who are ultimately accountable to the regime.

The decline of faculty governance and the corresponding ascendancy of corporate dominance of higher ed undermines the long-repeated canard about radical dominance of the university. Additionally, there are the recent right-wing efforts to undermine or revoke tenure at public universities, as the Texas legislature is currently considering, and the budgetary challenges facing higher education that have been heightened by the pandemic. It’s clear this is a harrowing time for colleges and universities nationwide.

What is the left to do about the corporate capture of the modern university? First and foremost, it must support and spread labor organizing across the country, building on the momentum established this spring with the strike by graduate workers at Columbia University. Second, relentlessly push the Biden administration toward canceling all student debt and supporting free public college for all. Third, assert shared governance on campus and work toward building a democratic university that secures labor protections and fair wages for all faculty, especially contingent and graduate workers. If we don’t act, the corporatization of universities will destroy American higher education.

Well? Are you convinced that universities are right-wing institutions now? No?

Then congratulations: you’re not a moron. The same can’t be said for people who learn about politics from Teen Vogue.

Did we mention that he’s an assistant professor at the University of Massachusetts?

Oh. Man.

Siddique’s classes must really be something.

Heh. That’s probably it.


And then write about it in Teen Vogue, of course.