As Twitchy reported earlier Tuesday, Dr. Anthony Fauci did not like Sen. Rand Paul asking questions about his support for NIH funding of a Wuhan lab working on coronavirus research. Fauci claimed, “We have never funded gain of function research,” while also confessing he didn’t have any accounting of what China might have done with the money.

Fauci lying to Congress would seem to be a big news story, but the media’s narrative is all about the sparring between Paul and Fauci.

CNN’s “New Day” anchor Brianna Keilar had a highlight reel of Paul and his staff “trolling Fauci” and blowing “disinformation” all over the audience.

Paul doesn’t treat them like WWE matches … he treats them like congressional hearings.

The Federalist’s Sean Davis was more than happy to look into the specifics that the mainstream media considers disinformation. Will CNN follow up?

It would be embarrassing to our Fauci as a liar after he’s already appeared on the cover of “In Style” and everything. He has celebrity status now and is immune from everything except the occasional “trolling” from Paul.