The Democratic candidates for president in 2020 seemed to agree on almost everything, including the idea that climate change was the number one threat to the United States. Back in 2019, the narrative was that we had 12 years to turn things around or it was all over; this was according to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Beto O’Rourke, Tom Steyer, and Bill de Blasio, among others. A year later, Greta Thunberg announced that we only had eight years (and actor Mark Ruffalo shared an article that said we had only 18 months).

Now President Biden is on the case, and he says we can’t deny there is a real change in the weather. We don’t deny it — the weather changes every day. But Biden has consulted The Science™ and declared that if the earth warms just 1.5 degrees, “we’re gonna be in real trouble.”

Bridges really are infrastructure.

And now the Biden-Harris administration will declare everyone at the border “climate refugees” and take them in.