Two things inevitably happen when someone posts a photo of black men with guns on Twitter. First, liberals flood the replies with, “Well, Republicans are going to call for gun control tomorrow.” Second, conservatives (and actual gun owners) say more power to them, and more people of every race should have a gun to protect themselves.

It was just last month when The Hill posted a story about gun ownership soaring among blacks, which made Jonah Goldberg comment on the “scary black militia shot” that The Hill published its story with:

Now the Washington Post has decided that black gun owners are usually portrayed in a negative light, and they sent out their photographer to change that.

Here’s that clip of black gun owners guarding their small businesses during the George Floyd riots and looting in Minneapolis — good on them.

A lot of liberals in the comments are angry with the Washington Post for trying to portray anyone carrying a firearm positively. They think the Post has gone pro-gun.