As Twitchy reported a couple of weeks ago, Forbes had done a feature on how Asian Americans have been buying guns for self-protection, which brought back a lot of images of Koreans on the roofs of their stores during the Los Angeles riots — Asian Americans have been packing for a while now.

On Monday, The Hill reported that there’s also been a surge in gun ownership among black Americans, which as any liberal will tell you, is what it will take for conservatives to finally back gun control. Like these clowns, for example:

Sorry Emma and Uncle Tony, read the other comments and try again.

We’re pretty sure she deleted her tweet, but we remember the white liberal woman arguing that blacks didn’t need guns because they didn’t have anything people wanted to steal anyway.

Jonah Goldberg did note that The Hill did decide to go with a “scary black militia shot,” though we’re not concerned, as the number-one threat to the nation right now is white supremacist right-wing militias. Just ask the soldiers who are undergoing training on extremism right now.

We remember when reporters were running out and buying AR-15s — not just guns, but AR-15 — to show how “easy” it was to purchase one (if you’re a reporter with the money to buy one, a valid photo ID, and a clean background check, and were willing to wait). People buying guns is not news.