Aaron Smith, a seasoned reporter who covers the firearms industry, writes in Forbes in the wake of the Atlanta-area massage parlor shootings that there’s an Asian-American gun culture springing up alongside an increase in hate crimes against them.

Smith writes:

During the anti-Asian hate crime spree, Asian-Americans have become a more familiar sight in gun shops, as they mingle among the millions of Americans who are buying guns for the first time.

“We have a lot of Asian-American customers buying guns,” said Jerry Hwang, a salesman at Wade’s Eastside Guns in Bellevue, Washington. “They’re coming because of the pandemic and the riots, of people messing with stores and messing with people’s property.”

He said they’re buying semiautomatic pistols and rifles, which have proven popular in gun stores across the country as sales have surged to record heights during the pandemic.

“They’re buying basic Glocks and AR-15s, basically for self-defense,” he said.

The riots? Who here is seasoned enough to remember the L.A. riots?

Who’d have thought that hate crimes — and a summer of riots and looting and movements to defund the police — would inspire Asian-Americans to arm themselves?


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