Diversity is a big thing in the Defense Department. After Tucker Carlson recently accused President Biden of wanting to “feminize” the military, the U.S. Army rolled out an introduction to its chief diversity officer. U.S. Special Operations Command welcomed aboard its new chief of diversity and inclusion (who had compared President Trump to Hitler on social media). We’re curious just how many diversity officers there are in the U.S. military.

Breitbart News Pentagon correspondent Kristina Wong tells us that Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby has assured us all that diversity “is a readiness issue,” so we’ll keep that in mind. We mean, diversify all you want, but … readiness issue? How?

Iran just aired another video showing one of its missiles destroying the Capitol.

We’re not counting on the Commander-in-Chief to straighten this out, seeing as he’d already committed to picking a woman as his vice president before even vetting the candidates.