We’re not saying the mainstream media is biased or anything, but in October of 2016, a month before the election, the New York Times devoted a two-page gatefold to “every” insult uttered by Donald Trump during his campaign. Remember that time he called whoever firebombed the GOP headquarters in Orange County, N.C., “animals”? That was counted as an insult. He also called NBC News “very dishonest” and the Times “sad” on multiple occasions — all insults.

Now it’s progressives’ turn to complain, because the Washington Post’s fact-checker has tallied up the number of times President Biden has lied, according to the Washington Post fact-checker. Did they fact-check Biden when he slipped up and called it the border crisis, which the White House clarified the next day didn’t represent the official position of the Biden-Harris administration? Or when Biden said we’d have planes that fly 21,000 miles an hour?

They’ve compared Biden’s lies to Trump’s over the same time period, but as a lot of people are pointing out, what’s the lie-per-statement ratio? Biden never speaks, so …

Glenn Kessler just covered himself in glory last week by “fact-checking” Sen. Tim Scott’s life story.

Biden’s actually lying quite a lot if 1) the Washington Post is counting it as a lie and 2) he only reads from a teleprompter and never holds press conferences.