The Washington Post reported Monday that a medical examiner had concluded that Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes the day after the storming of the Capitol. Those who didn’t buy into the fire extinguisher story were dismissed as “truthers,” and PolitiFact in late January covered the officer’s death, saying conservatives were “seizing” on the mystery surrounding it: “Some conservative activists have seized on the changing and differing news accounts to accuse the media of exaggerating what happened to Sicknick,” they wrote.

Sicknick was cremated, and his ashes were brought to the Capitol to lie in honor on February 3, so any medical examination had to have taken place before then. And yet we’re just learning about his strokes, even though FBI Director Christopher Wray refused to confirm the cause of death before a Senate committee on March 3. In late February we were told investigators were waiting on toxicology reports:

Sharyl Attkisson, who recently asked why the name of the person who shot and killed Ashli Babbitt was being kept secret, wants to know why it took so long to release this report.

Buck Sexton says the information was kept from us on purpose:

According to PolitiFact, the Daily Mail reported on February 22 that Sicknick’s mother said he wasn’t hit in the head and she thought it was a stroke but wasn’t sure.

Is Sexton pushing a conspiracy theory?

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Add Newt Gingrich to those asking questions:

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Making the rounds on Twitter is this Jan. 8 statement from Acting Attorney General Jeffrey A. Rosen:

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and fellow officers of U.S. Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick, who succumbed last night to the injuries he suffered defending the U.S. Capitol, against the violent mob who stormed it on January 6th.  The FBI and Metropolitan Police Department will jointly investigate the case and the Department of Justice will spare no resources in investigating and holding accountable those responsible.”