Now that we have House and Senate Democrats announcing a bill that would literally pack the Supreme Court by expanding it from 9 to 13 justices, it sure is comforting to know how President Biden feels about such a move. Asked about packing the courts during the campaign last October, he said “it depends on how this turns out.” Days later he gave “the swampiest lib answer ever given” to “60 Minutes,” and days after that, stumbled all over his answer as his handlers shooed reporters away from him.

“Here’s the deal,” he told voters:

Sounds like a bunch of malarkey to us. And so does this from bill sponsor Sen. Ed Markey:

Look, they’ve already got a logo put together with a plus sign followed by four gavels.

Now, what was that about Trump stealing two Supreme Court seats?

How soon until Twitter appends a “This claim is disputed” disclaimer at the bottom?

The biggest lie is that “our democracy depends on it.”