Sen. Rand Paul got himself in hot water with Jake Tapper when he asked Dr. Anthony Fauci if the practice of wearing a mask after one had been vaccinated against the coronavirus was nothing more than theater. President Biden has issued a (seemingly optional) mandate that masks be worn on federal property, even though he, his co-president, and Congress have already been vaccinated, but he can still be seen wearing two masks. Sen. Cruz won the day with his response when a reporter asked him to put on a mask for a TV interview, saying, “It’d make us feel better.”

Biden has said if we all play by the rules and just hang in there with the mask mandates and shutdowns and vaccinations, we might be able to have small get-togethers on Independence Day.

The messaging on vaccinations has been terrible, and a poll in the Washington Post shows just how bad it is; only 69 percent of people polled said they’d feel comfortable attending a sporting event where all attendees had received the vaccine.

We’ve definitely been conditioned — a lot of us, anyway. We wonder what percentage of people are going to wear a mask regardless from now on. And watch Biden walk back that “small groups in July” comment pretty soon.


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