President Biden is still blaming the Trump administration for the surge at the border that most definitely wasn’t caused by his campaign rhetoric that if he were elected, migrants seeking amnesty in the U.S. should “immediately surge to the border” and there’d be a moratorium on deportations in his first 100 days.

At first, we heard that Biden was reopening in early February a “migrant overflow facility” for unaccompanied minors. He reopened a detention camp for migrant kids in Homestead, Florida, in early March that was alleged to be contaminated with military waste. Now we’re learning that the Department of Health and Human Services has asked the Pentagon to house even more unaccompanied minors at two bases in Texas.

Fort Sill, Oklahoma — where the Obama administration in 2014 gave reporters a “no questions permitted” tour of the detention facilities for migrant children.

Remember when President Trump doubled down on his promise to send illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities?

It really is Obama’s third term.


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