As Breitbart reported, U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland told Senators during his confirmation hearings that he didn’t believe the attacks by left-wing extremists against the federal courthouse in Portland constituted “domestic terrorism” because, unlike the storming of the Capitol, they took place after office hours.

Antifa and other leftist extremists were back at the federal courthouse Thursday, and while they only vandalized the building and broke windows during office hours, they waited until after dark to try (again) to set the building on fire.

We were assured during the presidential debates that Donald Trump has an army of Proud Boys “standing by” awaiting his commands but that Antifa is “just an idea.”

So, is trying to set fire to a building with people inside domestic terrorism since it happened after regular office hours?

It’s astounding how many people in the comments are defending this by saying 1) it’s not Antifa, and might even be the fault of right-wingers; 2) the building itself is made of stone, so they’re not really trying to burn it down, and 3) the fire looks fake, and look how easily it was put out.

Oh, and do you remember our post earlier about police in Portland kettling a group of rioters who were smashing up an apartment building? He’s a selection of what they confiscated: