The National Guard’s mission of protecting the Capitol from another attack by right-wing insurrectionists was supposed to end this week, but the Department of Defense has allowed an extension of 10 more weeks at the request of Capitol Police. Around 2,300 troops will remain posted at the Capitol, and as we’ve reported, that fence with the razor wire is all but permanent at this point.

Meanwhile, in Portland, far-left extremists have returned to the federal courthouse that was under siege all summer long.

Also, as the Post-Millennial reports, protesters opposed to the Line 3 pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Wisconsin because it would be built on Native American land had a gun pulled on them as they surrounded a Chase bank that was already boarded up.

There was going to be that militia incursion on March 4 that never materialized but sent Congress home for their safety.

Uh-oh … we just realized if we publish these posts from Andy Ngo we might be kicked out of Mumford & Sons. It’s worth the risk, though.

President Biden still thinks that Antifa is “just an idea.” It’s nothing more than being opposed to fascism.

But remember, when the same National Guard troops that Speaker Nancy Pelosi recently praised were going to be deployed to stop these riots, they were called “Trump’s stormtroopers.” Now they’re her personal security force.


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