If you asked us what the story of the week was, it certainly wasn’t President Biden’s snooze-fest of a speech about maybe being able to have a small cookout July 4, and it might not even be his signing of the $1.9 trillion “COVID relief” bill that’s nothing but pork. We’d guess it’s the border crisis; as was reported Saturday, a Texas detention facility for unaccompanied migrant children is now at 729 percent of its legal capacity, and the Biden administration has denied lawyers access to the facility.

If you just went by Twitter, though, you’d think the biggest story of the week was Tucker Carlson complaining about Biden feminizing the military. Omri Ceren documented the coordinated social media attack on Carlson with a collection of screenshots:

Jesse Kelly probably said it best:

Some in our post about the official U.S. Marine Corps Twitter account for the II MEF Information Group suggested reporting the tweet telling Carlson to “Get right before you get left, boomer” to the commanding officer, who should know that military personnel are to avoid the inference that their political activities imply Department of Defense endorsement of a political cause.

The Federalist’s Mollie Hemingway, though, says you won’t get far with Brian Russell, the commanding officer of the II MEF Information Group, as he was thrilled with all the great responses to Carlson Thursday:


Our previous commander-in-chief is banned from tweeting but our current Department of Defense can tweet like a 14-year-old girl.