Earlier this week, ABC News did a piece on things to consider if you’re expecting a baby and planning on getting the COVID-19 vaccine. What a lot of people noticed, though, was that ABC News referred to these women as “pregnant and breastfeeding people.” If you look further down in the tweet, you’ll see that ABC News screwed up and referred in its subhead to the hateful and exclusionary “pregnant women.”

The network made further lapses in the text of the article, where it was all over the place. “Pfizer and BioNTech became the first vaccine maker to evaluate their COVID-19 vaccine in pregnant women when they announced a new trial Thursday,” wrote Katie Kindelan, who added that “Moderna has not yet publicly released a timeline for including pregnant people in clinical trials.”

A hospital in the U.K. was trying to get “chestfeeding” to catch on just a couple of months ago.

Canceling women? Just by referring to them as “menstruators,” “people who bleed,” “vulva owners,” and “birthing people” instead? It’s actually a wonder that Women’s History Month is being allowed.

Only hateful Trans-Exclusive Radical Feminists (TERFs) believe that nonsense.


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