As Twitchy reported this week, the Republican governors of Texas and Mississippi announced that their states would be reopening, allowing businesses to operate at full capacity and dropping mask mandates. There’s been plenty of snark from liberals like Michael Moore and Keith Olbermann, who suggested that the United States not waste the COVID-19 vaccine on Texans.

Vanity Fair published this Wednesday, before Thursday’s announcement by Connecticut’s Democratic Gov. Ned Lamont that he was lifting all capacity limits on everything from restaurants to churches, so they were safe to say that it was Republican governors who had the “bold plan” to kill another 500,000 Americans.

“Texas and Mississippi’s elected officials are duking it out for the country’s biggest dumbass.” Bess Levin writes:

… as you may have heard, new and extremely contagious variants of COVID-19 have been spreading throughout the country, threatening to undo, per CDC director Rochelle Walensky, “the hard-earned ground we have gained.” In other words, Abbott and Reeves are dumbasses who would rather score political points with the anti-mask, anti-science brigade than avoid extending the pandemic (and the country’s death toll) for who knows how long.

It’s almost as though the GOP is the party of mass death (plus deranged conspiracy theories and attempted coups, can’t forget that).

Rochelle Walensky? Isn’t she the woman whom the Democratic White House threw under the bus after she said teachers didn’t require vaccinations to return to the classroom? She learned to keep her mouth shut pretty quickly, never mind the science.

But enough about the science … which Republican governor will win the race to kill the most people?