Remember when Joe Biden made a big deal of getting our schools open while he was campaigning? How he said things like, ‘Sorry folks, I’m going to have to ask you to open your doors’?

Good times.

Well, he lied.

Yeah yeah, we knew he was then but now it’s just blatant and pathetic because he’s completely caved to the teacher’s unions and even his CDC is playing politics with our children’s education to appease them.

They reviewed the science and then tossed it out the window because their directive has never been about schools, it’s been about appeasing teacher’s unions who helped elect Joe. Your kids are out of school because of politics, not a virus.

There is more:

Direct changes in the guidance made as a result.

In other words, the unions said ‘JUMP!’ and Biden’s CDC said, ‘HOW HIGH?!’

Where were the invites for the parents? The students?

What a ridiculous and disgusting joke.

This is all about helping unions maintain power and control.

Nothing more.

They always accuse others of the very things they are guilty of doing.


CDC needs to grow a set and stick with the science.



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