Remember at the beginning of the year when we learned that the officer who shot Jacob Blake in the back seven times would not be charged? The Washington Post tweeted that Blake was unarmed, even though he himself had admitted in a “Good Morning America” interview that he had a knife. (The Post eventually got around to a correction.) Tom Elliott of Grabien Media even put together a video compiling all the times CNN’s “King of Truth” Jake Tapper had referred to Blake as “unarmed.”

Congress is hearing from the FBI this week about the storming of the Capitol Building on January 6. We’re not trying to excuse the rioters’ behavior, but we see nonstop on Twitter the claim that it was an armed insurrection. Sen. Ron Johnson asked the FBI how many firearms the FBI had confiscated from suspects, and an official answered, “To my knowledge, none.”

Senator Chuck Grassley tried and failed Tuesday to get any information from FBI Director Christopher Wray about the cause of Brian Sicknick’s death. It’s still under investigation, apparently.

A lot of people are arguing that guns weren’t confiscated at the Capitol because the arrests were made afterward, and either there weren’t enough Capitol Police to confiscate them or the Capitol Police knew about it and let them walk out because they’re white supremacists.

None of those people should have been in the Capitol, but isn’t the purpose of these hearings to find out exactly what went on?