As Twitchy reported, the police officer who shot Jacob Blake last summer will not face charges, and Wisconsin’s governor has brought in the National Guard as a precaution. It’s interesting to see how the different news outlets are presenting the story in their headlines and tweets; most mention that Blake is black, while some also include the fact that Officer Rusten Sheskey is white. Others, like Newsmax, have left race out of it entirely while still managing to get the facts across.

As we noted in our previous post, the Washington Post — second in influence only to the New York Times — noted in its tweet that Blake was unarmed. (As we also noted, PBS NewsHour announced he’d been killed.) It was reported last summer that Blake admitted to having a knife. While making today’s announcement, the district attorney again mentioned that Blake admitted he was armed.

Will the Post retract its tweet? Will Twitter flag it as disinformation? (Of course not.)

He was also shot with a Taser, but that proved ineffective.

Anyone who believed Blake was unarmed has their narrative confirmed now by a major newspaper. The tweet has been up for an hour-and-a-half now — are they ever going to correct it?

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They took their time about it, but the Washington Post finally issued a correction:

So his family is lying.