As you know if you’ve been reading the site this week, Parkland shooting survivor and Harvard student David Hogg is sticking it to Donald Trump’s friend Mike Lindell and his MyPillow by starting his own pillow company to produce the progressive #GoodPillow. Hogg seems very, very serious about taking over the pillow market, but he’s relying an awful lot on Twitter to help him with the basics, such as what to call his pillow and where to locate the manufacturing plant (not California). He’s also seeking memes and looked for a graphic designer who could whip up a logo by noon for $200.

As you know, Hogg might be the most visible Parkland survivor, but he’s not the only one. Kyle Kashuv is raising the stakes by promising to start his own pillow company — with a twist.


This is some Grade-A trolling from Kashuv. But now we want a pillow gun.