As Twitchy reported, former President Trump’s lawyers for his impeachment trial acknowledged an invitation to attend the trial from House impeachment manager Jamie Raskin by beginning, “We are in receipt of your latest public relations stunt.” And it certainly is a stunt, seeing how Trump’s “fair and honest” trial will be presided over by Sen. Pat Leahy, who passed final judgment on Trump’s guilt back in January, tweeting, “Trump’s crimes trying to overturn our elections and openly instigating a riot causing deaths warrant his immediate resignation or removal.”

On Monday, Trump’s legal team issued its trial memorandum (downloadable here as a PDF), and Breitbart’s Joel Pollak had a look:

The memo notes that Democratic members of the House had filed at least nine impeachment resolutions during his four years in office.

They were in too big a hurry to impeach to hold an investigation.

But Trump told the crowd to “fight like hell,” which his lawyers address:

Notably absent from his speech was any reference to or encouragement of an insurrection, a riot, criminal action, or any acts of physical violence whatsoever. The only reference to force was in taking pride in his administration’s creation of the Space Force. Mr. Trump never made any express or implied mention of weapons, the need for weapons, or anything of the sort. Instead, he simply called on those gathered to peacefully and patriotically use their voices.

Read the whole thing when you have a chance.