Paul Krugman gets so much wrong so much of the time, and yet we’re still surprised he could tweet what he did Thursday. As you might have noticed, National Guard troops were posted around state capitols on Inauguration Day — and Washington, D.C. was locked down tight — where there were alleged stirrings on social media that the buildings would be stormed in all 50 states by pro-Trump insurrectionists.

As Krugman notes, that didn’t happen. However, as perhaps only someone in the liberal media bubble could utter, he asked, “Where did all the rage go?”

Krugman was probably too busy watching the Bon Jovi concert and fireworks to notice where the rage literally went — to cities like Portland and Seattle, where mobs of Antifa carried banners reading “We don’t want Biden — We want REVENGE,” smashed all the windows out of the Democratic Party headquarters in Portland, spray-painted “F**k Biden” on it, and burned American flags from coast to coast. But of course, Krugman didn’t notice; as far as he’s been told, Antifa is “just an idea.”

In case you missed it, the rage didn’t go anywhere — it was on the extremist left where it’s been all along:

But no violence from those pro-Trump insurrectionists?

A new domestic war on terror? That has the FBI investigate Parler (but not Facebook) and the intelligence community crack down with a “laser-like” focus on fascists and nationalists and libertarians?

But the government is going to eliminate right-wing violence through its pre-crime division, monitoring social media for wrongthink and maybe even taking down those problematic cable networks Fox News, Newsmax, and OAN if Biden will just “reinvigorate the FCC.”