Just to follow up on our post from last night, insurrectionists in both Portland and Seattle celebrated the inauguration of Joe Biden as the nation’s 46th president and his inspiring message of unity with broken glass and fire as well as attacks on the police.

First up, here’s more video from Townhall’s own Julio Rosas who is on the ground for us in Portland:

We were told the protesters were responding to then-President Trump? Remember that?

Maybe this is what Antifa thinks unity means? Stick around for the Biden flag going up in flames at the end:

Another video from Portland showed a car that had flipped over. . .

. . .and rioters prevented police from assisting:

Congratulations, Joe. It’s your problem now:

Portland Police say they confiscated many weapons at the riot, including “Molotov Cocktails, knives, batons, chemical spray, and a crowbar”:

From the Portland Police:

The insurrectionists also took to the street in downtown Seattle. . .

. . . where they did their best to make residents feel threatened:

They even attacked the “iconic Pike Place Market”:

And the original Starbucks:

Some of the damage via the Seattle Police Dept.:

Over to you, President Biden. What are you going to do about this?