Max Boot works in the newspaper business, allegedly as a conservative columnist, so he probably should have heard by now that right-wingers left Fox News in droves after the network called Arizona for Joe Biden with, what, 1 percent of the vote tallied? (Adding Donna Brazile to the mix didn’t help.) Fox News recently had its lowest ratings in 20 years. And yet, as we just wrote about in our post about MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan, the new narrative is that Fox News has to be reined in if we’re to prevent another storming of the Capitol.

Who would have thought that leftists would use the Capitol attack to call for a “reinvigorated FCC” to crack down on seditious speech? And it’s people in leftist media who know they’re safe under a Biden administration who are doing it.

Wasn’t it Boot’s own paper that just recently threw some gasoline on the fire by falsely claiming that Jacob Blake was unarmed?

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Speaking of the FCC: