We’ll take MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan at his word when he says he’s not trying to downplay 9/11, on the condition that he not think we’re in any way trying to downplay the Jan. 6 assault on the U.S. Capitol. The more we’re hearing about it, the more it sounds like groups planned the attack in advance, with some reasonable Trump supporters simply following through the broken doors when they shouldn’t have.

Hasan did a segment on his show where he argued that what he calls MAGA terrorism — domestic terrorism by the far-right — is more of a threat to the country than even al Qaeda … after 9/11, of course.

See if you can make it through all five reasons he thinks that way, but when he says No. 5 is that al Qaeda didn’t have cable news channels on its side — and then cuts to video of Tucker Carlson — is where we tap out.

We’ve been assured by the media and by U.S. intelligence that far-right terrorism is far and away the biggest threat to the country.

Again, not to minimize the attack on the Capitol, but weren’t three of those five deaths by natural causes, or did we hear incorrectly? We’d also heard that most of the planning occurred on Facebook, even though Parler was the website pulled down.

Do we believe right-wing domestic terrorism is real? Yes. Do we believe that the attack on the Capitol is going to be used as a pretense to try to pull down more sites (and possibly cable channels) as they did with Parler? Yes.

We’re still trying to tie in Tucker Carlson with right-wing terrorism. Let’s just agree that terrorism is bad no matter who does it, OK?

Hey, speaking of silencing cable channels, check this out from Brian Stelter’s show: