True story: We’ve done so many posts on CNN’s Jake Tapper that we had to look for another photo of him to use alongside our stories so they didn’t get mixed up. So we checked out the internet and scrolled through photo after photo of Tapper looking like a sad puppy dog, although he’s getting his confidence back now that the media’s pick won the election. He’s feeling pretty scrappy, making up anonymous strawmen to make his points; e.g.:

Now Tapper is waiting for just an ounce of contrition from any of President Trump’s enablers or MAGA media. And keep in mind, decrying the storming of the U.S. Capitol as we ourselves do here at Twitchy, doesn’t count. He’ll let you know when he accepts your apology.


When is Tapper’s colleague Chris Cuomo going to show contrition for asking, “Who says protests have to be peaceful?” And when is Vice President-elect Kamala Harris going to publicly show contrition for collecting funds to bail out a man who sexually assaulted an 8-year-old, or another man who was released on bail and assaulted a man, leaving him with a fractured skull and traumatic brain injury? Let’s play this game.

Regret? Contrition? What we’re hearing demanded from the Left are re-education and truth and reconciliation commissions.

It’s getting heavier, that’s for sure.