Remember this fiery but peaceful summer? There were riots in Democrat-controlled cities around the country, but in July, a handful of Democratic mayors sent a letter to Congress demanding that the government withdraw federal law enforcement agents from their cities; Mayor Lori Lightfoot said under no circumstances would she let President Trump’s “troops” terrorize the citizens of Chicago. Jake Tapper explained to an angry viewer that CNN didn’t mean to blur the faces of Trump’s “secret police”; it was the protesters’ identities they were trying to obscure.

And it was a month earlier, during the height of the statue-toppling frenzy, that ABC News’ Martha Raddatz took a “chilling” photo of National Guard troops guarding the Lincoln Memorial against vandals.

Now that supporters of President Trump are planning to gather again in Washington, D.C., for a #StopTheSteal rally, Mayor Muriel Bower is asking the D.C. National Guard to step in, “as these demonstrations will follow similar events on November 14, 2020 and December 12, 2020, which resulted in a large influx of participants, violence and criminal activity.” From Antifa, yeah.

Doesn’t Bowser know that some of the Guardsmen might be loyal to President Trump? Can they be trusted?

She did note in her letter than not even the D.C. National Guard would be allowed to carry guns.

Nope. Bowser is asking Washingtonians not to engage with pro-Trump demonstrators “who come to our city seeking confrontation.” This is the same city that has a Black Lives Matter Plaza, correct?

You want it to remain peaceful? Ask Antifa not to come to the city looking for confrontation.