Joe Biden, who almost never takes questions from the press, has been stung by Fox News’ Peter Doocy a couple of times now. In September, Doocy asked him why he was still holding rallies in March if he was supposedly warning President Trump about the seriousness of COVID-19 in January. And though you can’t tell from the video, we wouldn’t doubt it was Doocy who was dismissed as “classy” when he asked Biden about his newest grandchild. “Only you would ask that” was Biden’s answer, which is true and also a damning indictment of the rest of the press corps.

Now, despite authoritative announcements that the allegations against Hunter Biden raised in that New York Post piece were not Russian disinformation, Biden seems to be sticking to that story, telling Doocy, “You’re a one-horse pony.” Don’t a dog-faced pony solider, mind you, but a one-horse pony.

One-horse pony aside, how dumb does Biden think we are?

Kamala Harris too. We predict a lot of laughter over the next four years.