As a few people were saying Wednesday night, the winner of the Democratic debate should have been whichever candidate used their time to congratulate Joe Biden on his new grandchild. As Twitchy reported, a DNA test that Hunter Biden had been avoiding proved that he is the father of an Arkansas woman’s child, as she had to take him to court to get him to acknowledge her claim.

Biden is currently married, by the way, and as ABC News reported in an image rehabilitation puff piece, they’d only known each other six days before tying the knot.

No one at the debate congratulated Biden, but a reporter did bring up the subject, and it was obvious that Biden will not be answering any questions or making any comments about his new grandchild. Hunter sure is being a big help to his dad lately.

Don’t hold back, Benny Johnson:

As Ryan Saavedra points out, check out the eye-roll from the reporter on the right edge of the screen.

OK, that was funny.

Could have; didn’t.

We don’t entirely disagree, but again, check out how the New York Times and CNN thought Bristol Palin’s pregnancy was headline news.