The hot takes on Amy Coney Barrett keep coming now that she’s sitting down to testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee. She’s both a mother and a “shameless careerist” whose wardrobe is consistently inappropriately casual.

As part of getting acquainted with the committee, Barrett gave a little introduction to each of her seven children, two of whom were adopted from Haiti. Emma is a sophomore in college, Tess seems to have inherited a “math gene” that skipped a generation, and Vivian can deadlift as much as the males at her gym.

So, did you catch it?

Elie Mystal is The Nation’s justice correspondent.

Checking out the comments to Mystal’s tweet, it seems like hundreds if not thousands of people caught that.

One of the reasons deadlifting weights was important to her adopted daughter is that “When Vivian arrived, she was so weak that we were told she might never talk or walk normally.”

Too late. Too late for a lot of people.

You right-wingers seem pretty triggered …

And liberals are honoring “Indigenous Peoples Day” by smearing a mother as a racist.


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