It’s bad enough that Amy Coney Barrett is a Supreme Court nominee. But the fact that she’s a Supreme Court nominee who is also an accomplished jurist and mother of seven … that’s just unconscionable.

At least according to Slate:

Tom Scocca writes:

And Barrett is encouraging this. The coverage of her campaign for the position projects an odd passivity onto her, as if she’s simply been caught up in events controlled by others. But the truth is that she’s actively lobbying for the job, calling senators to help push the process along, even as the virus runs loose through official Washington. She reportedly already had the virus during the summer, so the odds are it’s not going to harm her personally.

And he concludes:

But Barrett knows perfectly well that the public is against Trump and McConnell, and against her, too. She is determined to win this victory right now, while she still can, for herself and her agenda. The will of the public doesn’t enter into it, any more than morality does. Barrett is an educated person. She graduated at the top of her law school class. She certainly can count past four. She knows Antonin Scalia, the justice she clerked for, died in February of 2016, and that Ginsburg died in September of 2020—four years and seven months apart—and that Trump is claiming the right to fill both vacancies.

What sort of prospective Supreme Court justice believes a president should get five years’ worth of court picks in a four-year term? The same kind who puts herself forward for an impossibly rushed confirmation process, and who declines to say if she’ll recuse herself from cases that might decide the reelection of the president who is taking such extraordinary measures to give her the job. Like McConnell and Trump, her vision of the law is based on nothing more than what she can get away with; the Constitution is a set of rules to be gamed for personal advantage, not a framework for popular legitimacy or justice. The entire presidency of Donald Trump has been building toward this moment, and Amy Coney Barrett is the woman he was waiting for.

That Amy Coney Barrett gives women such a bad name!

That kind of seems to be the argument they’re making here.

To be fair, it’s not just male journalists who are pulling this crap.

Plenty of gals don’t have any idea, either:

Good Lord.

Mothers, if you’re looking for a role model for your daughters, you can’t do much better than Amy Coney Barrett.

But you can do a hell of a lot better than Slate and Jill Filipovic.