As Twitchy reported earlier, an unclassified letter from Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe to Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham revealed that President Obama had been personally briefed on Russian intelligence about Hillary Clinton’s plan to “cook up a scandal alleging that Trump was working with Russia.”

That’s the sort of thing the New York Times would consider a front-page bombshell report if it in some way hurt President Trump. In his letter, Ratcliffe tells Graham that “additional declassification and public disclosure of related intelligence remains under consideration,” but Catherine Herridge says that Graham is already working to get those notes declassified.

Good question: Did the FBI show the same attention, intensity, and resources in investigating Clinton as they did Trump? Let’s hope Graham stays on this.

Do you know who the firefighters in the media never followed up on? Clinton’s IT guy who was asking around online trying to find a way to change the headers on emails that had already been archived. Maybe headers proving President Obama was well aware of Clinton’s private email server well before he admitted it? Just thinking out loud here.

We don’t want to rush anything but there is a presidential election coming up — not that any of these revelations would change any Democrats’ votes.