We’re in weird times here in 2016; it was only about a month ago, before her collapse at a 9/11 event, that asking about Hillary Clinton’s health put one firmly in the deplorable “conspiracy theorist” basket, at least according to many in the mainstream media.

So it’s best to tread lightly when approaching news that Paul Combetta, a technician with Hillary Clinton’s IT provider, Platte River Networks, left behind a few incriminating crumbs on the internet, ironically when asking about how to cover someone else’s tracks.

Let’s just say for now that U.S. News and World Report has taken an interest, as has Major Garrett of CBS News. U.S. News staff writer Steven Nelson notes that “the requests match neatly with publicly known dates related to Clinton’s use of a private email server while secretary of state.”

How soon until the cable and broadcast networks pick up the story? Never?

Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet,” which might sound like an empty boast for those not familiar with the site. It’s a huge discussion board covering every topic in existence. It’s ugly as sin, with none of the candy-colored buttons or graphical trappings of Web 2.0 or whatever Web we’re now on — which makes it a paradise for computer nerds and geeks of all stripes. Ask anything, and someone will answer.

Some are claiming to have evidence that Combetta, who is reportedly the technician who — oops! — obliterated Hillary Clinton’s email archive using BleachBit software and then pleaded the Fifth before the House Oversight Committee last week, popped onto a Reddit discussion board in 2014 to ask how to “remove or replace [the] to/from address on archived emails.”

A lot of the theory depends on attaching Combetta to the username “stonetear,” but it looks like internet detectives have done just that.

Good thing people captured the screens while they could; it looks like stonetear’s Reddit history has been wiped, like, with a cloth or something.


That’s still pretty sketchy. Any photo evidence? “Just look at that face.”

OK, you have our interest, and not because of the mom-jeans-and-no-shirt look. Go on.

Hmm … an interesting situation in which the user needs to strip out a VERY VIP’s email address from archived emails?

It is time to start asking. A lot. As mentioned above, the House Oversight Committee managed to get his name, and that’s about it. He’s not talking, his colleague Bill Thornton isn’t talking, and Bryan Pagliano didn’t even show up for the hearing despite having been subpoenaed: Platte River Networks, ladies and gentlemen.

It’s clear that no one from Platte River feels like chatting about this, but maybe the House Oversight Committee would like to extend another invitation to clear up this conspiracy theory before it spreads further?