Celebrities (and Biden campaign staffers), it’s time to get out your checkbooks again. We know that you all pitched in to bail out rioters who’d been arrested in Minneapolis after the death of George Floyd, but rioters arrested in Lancaster are facing bail of $1 million. Activists are calling it a politically motivated attack against the police reform movement, but keep in mind, the rioting in Lancaster was over the police shooting of a man who was shown on body-cam footage charging at the officer with a knife held over his head, so spare us the “unarmed” disclaimer.

Members of Lancaster Stands Up aren’t happy about the $1 million bail.

What police refer to as a domestic disturbance. Should have called a social worker.

And, perhaps not coincidentally, we don’t think we’re looking at more than 100 nights of unchecked rioting in Lancaster.

And this is why sheriffs in neighboring counties declined to send their deputies to assist Portland handle the mob there — they knew there was a revolving door and the district attorney didn’t have their backs.