Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler made it clear back in July that he didn’t want or need the help of the Department of Homeland Security, further suggesting it was federal law enforcement officers who’d brought violence to Portland’s streets. Now it’s September and there’s been rioting for over three months in the city. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown recently announced her new plan to end the violence and arson in Portland while protecting the freedom to protest, and part of the plan was to ask sheriff’s deputies from both Clackamas and Washington counties to support Portland Police in keeping the peace.

Except the sheriffs told her to get lost.

KATU in Portland reports:

Clackamas Co. Sheriff Craig Roberts said the governor didn’t approach his office before rolling out the plan, intended to address the violence and arson while also protecting free speech.

“Increasing law enforcement resources in Portland will not solve the nightly violence and now, murder,” the sheriff said. “The only way to make Portland safe again, is to support a policy that holds offenders accountable for their destruction and violence.”

Washington County’s sheriff said in a statement that “the lack of political support for public safety” was one of his reasons for declining assistance.

Looks like the sheriffs aren’t willing to send their deputies to babysit and take abuse.


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