We’ve noticed CNN’s Asha Rangappa still hasn’t deleted this tweet from March when Joe Biden was giving his own presidential address on the coronavirus, and that it’s racked up more than 60,000 likes:

The reason she might have considered deleting is her tweet is because she was proved completely wrong by photos from the venue showing Biden clearly reading from teleprompter screens, but instead of a simple, “I was wrong,” she tweeted further about how she’d angered all the “Trumpie Boo Boos.” Yes, her Twitter bio does read former FBI special agent, so take from that what you will.

Now it looks like Biden’s been caught again using a teleprompter, this time in a conversation with late-night host James Cordon. In case you hadn’t picked it up from the Democratic National Convention or any of Biden’s campaign speeches, the man had two sons, and he couldn’t help but hold up a framed photo of the three of them together. The only thing is, the glass of the frame seems to have caught what looks like teleprompter text, to the point where even Michael Moore is calling foul.

Here’s a still shot:

To his credit, Jake Tapper seems to have treated his interview with Biden Thursday seriously, even setting up Biden for a train-wreck moment in which he declared those who voted for Barack Obama twice and then for Donald Trump racists.

But why do late-night shows like “The Late Late Show with James Cordon” indulge this sort of thing?

When he does, he ends up getting angry and asking if the talk show host is a junkie and declaring, “You ain’t black.”

Too true.


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